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Why Sex Pillow?

Because the typical and normal lovemaking position does NOT allow for the greatest sensation and most pleasurable feeling for both partners. Just picture how much more motion a woman has when in the traditional position under the man with the Sex Pillow beneath her giving her FULL RANGE OF MOTION even in a circular manner providing an entirely new feeling for both.

This is the most amazing Marital Aide on the market today

Wonder Pillow is a marital pillow. This is not a gimmick or sex toy. You will not find Wonder Pillow in adult catalogs or sex shops.

Sex Pillow is the first and only product that can totally and dramatically offer so many alternatives for increasing pleasure.

You think you’re too young or too old for the Sex Pillow?
The Sex Pillow increases sexual pleasure for anyone, of any age.



Missionary will never be the same again! The Sex Pillow allows for better penetration and more pleasure, for results you’ll have to feel to believe.

Doggy Style    

Experience this popular position in a whole new way. The Sex Pillow can help increase sensations, making every movement even more intense.


With the help of the Sex Pillow, this position (where the receiver has their legs are positioned together, while their partner’s legs are on the outside) allows the penis or strap-on to penetrate at an angle ideal for stimulation of the G-Spot, or prostate gland.


Leave it to the Sex Pillow to make even the most intimate of positions, an entirely new experience. The Sex Pillow boosts pleasure by providing deeper penetration for a sensation you’ll never forget.

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“My wife and I are 26 years old and have never sent for any mail order products. We saw your product on the Internet by mistake. A friend was showing us his computer and we ended up somewhere where the people were talking about your web page. Bottom line, we love the product. We have been experimenting and it is very exciting. In the last week we have made love more often and enjoyed it more. I can’t believe I’m writing you this letter, but I love this pillow.”

– Janice & Bill, in Philadelphia