research reviews


“The sprucing up of sexual relationships has become a must. With the advent of both parents working, stress levels up and leisure time down, products like the Sex Pillow bring that unique touch that is so needed today. We would highly recommend experimenting with product. Both participants experienced a dramatically heightened enjoyment factor. Our staff refused to return those we purchased for testing.”

– Hopkins Institute of Sexual Behavior


“We evaluated the Sex Pillow for its usefulness as support for back
and neck support and found it highly useful. For driving or support
when sitting the air filled pillow did quite an effective job. We also
noticed that filling the pillow with warm water provided some comfort
for lower back pain. We have yet to evaluate any of the marital uses,
however it is clear that the angle of penetration will be extremely
increased due again to the support generated unlike a mattress.”

– American Med Consultants


“Thank you for offering us the chance to evaluate the Sex Pillow. Over the years we have looked to develop sexually fulfilling products. We have submitted it for multiple tests and the results were quite astonishing. We took two groups of 7 couples each and asked them to engage in lovemaking. In one group we asked them to use regular pillows for support and several others enhancing product. In the other group we only asked them to experiment with the Sex Pillow. In 6 out of the 7 couples using the Sex Pillow each reached climax or orgasm with more sensation than ever before. Each remarked about the command the male enjoyed and the satisfaction by the female counterpart. None of the other group had any unusual results.”

– Danish National Sexual Foundation